Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Announcing Work Slowdowns!

So, I'm involved with a really exciting new blog project called "Philosophical Percolations: All The Philosophy That's Not Fit to Print." (just a mock-up so far).  It will be a collaborative blog with 10-20 authors (currently we have 13), that will open on May 13th.  We plan to have new weird philosophy, for the Internet for free every day.  There will be philosophy of professional wrestling.  There will be speculative realism. There will be analytics and continentals, thinking together! You know, mass hysteria!  It'll be great.  We plan to be weird, be diverse, and disagree with each other.  We're going to try to keep blatant politics, news of the profession, and anonymous philoso-troll comments to a bare minimum. And no advertising, but lots of pictures to illustrate our points.  Jon Cogburn, in particular likes adding old punk & post-punk videos to his posts.

However, it means that I'm going to be writing a lot of philosophy over there rather than over here. I'm not planning to close this blog down, at least short term.  I may still throw up a webcomic review or recipe every now and then.  But I suspect that from May on, for the rest of 2015, I'll probably post over there a LOT, and over here a very little.  I'm hoping to continue to post philosophy, and probably poetry, here for the rest of March and April though.  I'll certainly announce it again with far more links, once the other blog actually opens.  That concludes our service announcement, carry on folks.

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